Miyazu Japanese Garden

The Japanese Miyazu Garden celebrates the relationship between Nelson and its sister city Miyazu in the Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Both cities have a similar naturally formed coastal spits. While Nelson has the Boulder Bank, Miyazu has the Sandbar of Amanohashidate which is one of the 'Three Views of Japan'.

The Miyazu garden is a habitat for native and Japanese plants that symbolise the harmonising of the two cultures. When visiting you will walk along a little bamboo 'forest', a stone basin for ritual cleansing (before a tea ceremony), bridges and planks over/through ponds and if you come in spring around late September - blossoming cherry trees. At that time the garden is also hosting the annual Nelson Cherry Blossom Festival for a day.

It's a great place to have a little stroll and unwind or have a picnic.

Nelson Miyazu Garden, Cherry Blossom,
Miyazu Garden Teahouse ,
Nelson Miyazu Japanese Garden, Cherry Blossom Festival,

How to get there

125 Atawhai Drive , The Wood , Nelson