Te Waikoropup? Springs

The Te Waikoropup? Springs a.k.a. as Pupu Springs are New Zealand's biggest freshwater springs and the biggest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere with some of the clearest water you can find anywhere.

The Te Waikoropup? Springs discharge about 14,000 litre of ~12°C pure spring water per second. The clarity of the spring water allows an incredible visibility of around 70-80m metres under water according to NIWA. The maximum possible visibility of pure water is 83m. The water which is released by several springs is naturally filtered by the springs aquifer.

The Waikoropup? Springs are surrounded by native flora like M?nuka (Tea Tree), ferns, rimu, t?tara, mata? and beech trees. An easy and accessible short walk will lead you through the lush forest to the viewing platform and to some other outlooks.

Because the springs are of great spiritual importance to the local iwi (Ngati Tama) and to protect them from contamination, any contact with the waters of the Pupu Springs is prohibited.

How to get there

Pupu Springs Road