Wakefield Quay

Wakefield Quay is a stretch on the Nelson waterfront where many early European Settlers arrived in New Zealand. It has great views of the Nelson harbour entrance and features several points of interest and local artwork.

The Wharf

At the wharf you will find the Early Settlers Memorial which gives you a little overview of the early settlements in the region and the ships that brought the pioneers from overseas.
'The Ferry' will give you a ride to Haulashore Island or the Lighthouse on the Boulder Bank which is always worth paying a visit or simply stretch your legs, relax and enjoy the sun while nibbling away some fish and chips from the adjacent takeaway.

At times the Wharf can become busy when fancy yachts or cruise ships stop by and it's popular with fishermen trying to catch dinner.

Seafarers Memorial & Boathouse

100 meters down the road towards the large Aotearoa mural and Tahunanui beach you'll find the Seafarer's Memorial at Sunderland Pier. Nelson is the biggest commercial fishing port in Australasia and the memorial was build to the memory of the fishermen who lost their lives at sea. The pier is very popular with local anglers and has nice benches from where you can watch the marine activity and ships coming and going through 'The Cut', Nelson's busy harbour entrance.

Next to the memorial is the Nelson Yacht Club and the historical 'Boathouse' which is now owned by 'The Boathouse Society'. Its cafe is open to the public 3 days a week and events are hosted regularly. If waterfront lunch or dining on an outside deck tickles your fancy then make sure you don't miss the brilliant views here.

Wakefield Quay Blessing Fleet ,
Wakefield Quay Nelson, Early Settlers Memorial by Tony Stones,
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How to get there

You can get to Wakefield Quay with the NBus Route 2 and getting out at the Latitude 41 Apartments.

272 Wakefield Quay , Stepneyville , Nelson