Boulder Bank

The Boulder Bank is a unique, naturally formed long spit of boulders which acts as a barrier sheltering Nelson's haven. In total the bank is about 13km long where the last 8km form the spit reaching into the Tasman Bay. Its width varies from about 55m to as much as 240m during low tide.
At the end of the Boulder Bank you'll find Nelson's cast iron Lighthouse that was erected in 1862 and 'The Cut' which is the harbour entry.

If you look closely you will also see 6 other buildings on the Boulder Bank which are privately owned historic baches. Some of them were originally built by fishermen and handed down the generations. Most of them are probably 50+ years old and their final fate hasn't been decided yet. There are discussions to make them heritage places but at the moment they can't be sold, done up or extended.

You can walk along the Boulder Bank about 8km to its end. Since there's no walkway after the short walk ended after 10 min you'll walk on boulders for about 2-3 hours which can be tiring for your ankles. We don't recommend wearing flip flops but proper shoes! The environment can be a bit harsh at times and there's no shade or shelter against the elements, just something to keep in mind on a sunny, windy or rainy day.

If you want to visit the lighthouse without the hike, you can catch a ride with 'The Ferry' which takes you over from Wakefield Quay in a few minutes.

Nelson Boulder Bank Pebbles / Shingles,
Nelson Boulder Bank Driftwood Teepee,
Nelson Boulder Bank Stones,

How to get there

You can drive to Glenduan where you can park and have a short walk on the Boulder Bank or start the 8km long hike. Another option is to take 'The Ferry' from Wakefield quay to ferry over to the lighthouse.

Boulder Bank Road , Glenduan