Nelson Lakes National Park

The Nelson Lakes National Park is boasting a scenery of alpine mountain ranges, glacial lakes and lush forests that are perfect setting for a variety of outdoor activities. The national park has a network of walking tracks and you will find walks for all skill levels. There are several easy short walks around the lake edge leading through tranquil forest where you can listen to the concert of native birds like the Tui. If you are tempted by multi day hikes you can find some beautiful alpine tracks that also have huts where you can stay over night. Popular multi-day routes are the Angulus Hut tracks and the Travers-Sabine Circuit.

The two biggest lakes in the Nelson Lakes National Park are Lake Rotiti (little lake) and Lake Rotoroa (long lake). Both are popular with anglers, kayakers and boaties and in summer swimmers will also dip their toes into the up to 22°C warm water. In the rivers that are connected to the lakes, e.g. Sabine River and Buller, flyfishing is also hugely popular. Another small lake in the park called the 'Blue Lake' (Rotomairewhenua) got a bit of fame since its incredible blue water is one of the clearest ones you can find in the world - just like the Te Waikoropup? Springs.

St Arnaud at the shores Lake Rotoiti is the gateway to the national park. You can find accommodation, a few shops and the i-Site visitor's information centre in the village. The Classic Boat Show is also held here every year in late summer. Once the days are colder around the end of June, the ski season arrives in St Arnaud along with ski & snowboard enthusiasts, chasing down the slopes at the Rainbow Ski Field.

How to get there

DOC Information Centre

3 View Road , Nelson Lakes National Park